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The average person believes that they are aware of everything that they see. They only see or pay attention to 15% of the information that the brain picks up! There are approximately 2000 clues in a mile, About every three feet, there is a clue of a persons passage. Yet only a very small number of searchers understand how to find or even look for those elusive clues.

Too many clues are over looked and we hope to change that. Lives depend on those clues. We are dedicated to saving lives or getting closure where life has already been lost.

Let's say you've just received information about a child who was reported missing from a group of hikers in your county. It's your responsibility to apply the appropriate resources to this mission. You may think about getting as many people as you can in the field quickly, maybe even think about ordering dog resources. We would like you to consider the following:

Certified trackers are one of your most efficient resources

Securing Last Known Point makes a significant difference

Tracking teams confirm direction of travel within minutes

Trackers verify search dogs are on the line of travel

Tracking teams continuously advance Last Known Point

It is not suggested that you keep everyone off the search area until trackers arrive but minimize the contamination in areas where there will most likely be sign will make finding good sign simpler for the trackers. We suggest that you become familiar with tracking and tracking strategy so you can incorporate tracking into your search management tactics. Once a tracking team is on good sign it will reduce your search area considerably.

Trackers may also be of assistance to law enforcement in identifying the number of suspects involved at a crime scene and how the suspects have participated.


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